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April 2007

If you enjoy the articles in this newsletter, please take a minute to thank all the contributors. Without their tireless work, this would not be possible. Their website and or e-mail is listed along with their writing.

Photographic Critique: Jay OBrien

I would like to thank Jay OBrien for submitting two images to use in this critique section.

Please remember that no matter the preventative steps taken, images display differently on different monitors. The idea of this critique is to stimulate new ways to improve and enjoy our photographic endeavors, and not as a way to validate or criticize fellow artists.

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Fine Art Review: Jeff Wall Retrospective

A review of the current Jeff Wall Retrospective on at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Jeff Wall uses his unique vision to comment on and analyze the society we live in.

Review by Matt Labarbiera

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Book Review: The Smaller Majority

A review of Piotr Naskrecki's 2005 book, The Smaller Majority.

Piotr shares his unique perspective with readers as he photographs subjects with the eye of an artist and the understanding of a scientist.

Review by Michael Lustbader

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Voyageurs National Park

Frozen ice sculptures on the surface of Lake Kabetogama near Blue Fin Bay, Voyaguers National Park, Minnesota, USA

Located in the beautiful northwoods of Minnesota, Voyageurs National Park is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife and landscape. As the mercury dropped, the warmth of the experience and the dedicated individuals that donated their time made this a unique expedition.

Article By Raymond Klass

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Thoughts on the Creative Process

Flower Abstracts

An inspiration article from creative photographer, writer and sometime poet Nancy Rotenberg. Explore the possibilities of spring as Nancy combines poetry and photography to capture the essence of this magical season.

Article by Nancy Rotenberg

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