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July 2009

If you enjoy the articles in this newsletter, please take a minute to thank all the contributors. Without their tireless work, this would not be possible. Their website and or e-mail is listed along with their writing.

High Dynamic Range HDR Photography

HDR - Which stands for High Dynamic Range is a fantastic tool that allows photographers to capture detail beyond the capability of their camera's sensor. It is a combination of field technique and digital technique to create images that can look realistic or artistically illustrative.

This article looks at how to capture the images in the field for an HDR merge and how to use Photomatix Pro to process the images for your desired look. The beauty of the process here is that with this new software option, HDR images have become much easier to achieve. It is really a matter of a few sliders, and once you master them, you'll never shy away from photographing in the midday sun.

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Within a Days Drive

Trees alongside 7 Lakes Drive, Harriman, NY

So often we think of nature photography happening in those far away places. We tell ourselves that we'll take our best pictures when National Geographic sends us on a 3 month safari, or when we finally get time to rent a boat on Alaska's inside passage.

Nature is all around us, and though African Safaris and Alaskan Wildlife are things everyone should see in their lifetime, certainly they are no reason to miss the everyday beauty within a days drive.

This article is about one of the most overlooked locations - home - or rather locations within a days drive. I've brought some creative ideas and concepts along with some photography from my home to inspire you to focus on photography where you live.

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Focus on Creativity: Developing New Perspectives

Rock formations in The Needles district, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

As creative individuals, we sometimes get caught up in making images that we know are going to work, rather than taking that big chance. I know when I first happen upon a new scene, I tend to start with what I know works - compositions I've been successful with in the past. This article is all about how we can move beyond this safety zone, and push ourselves to explore deeper. I offer you advice, and a creative assignment to help you transform your photography.

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