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March 2010

If you enjoy the articles in this newsletter, please take a minute to thank all the contributors. Without their tireless work, this would not be possible. Their website and or e-mail is listed along with their writing.

Understanding the Unsharp Mask

Sharpening your images in Photoshop can sometimes be a topic of confusion for photographers. The Unsharp Mask tool can be a powerful help to give certain images that extra zip they need to pop off the page, but used with a heavy hand, and the resulting halos can ruin your print. This article presents two popular methods for sharpening your images, and gives step-by-step instructions for when and how to use both techniques.

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Developing Your Vision

Reflections in Sweet Creek, Oregon, USA

We spend time learning new techniques, mastering digital tools, but how often do we concentrate on developing a personal style. Nurturing your creativity isn't an easy thing to do. It's a long road to travel, but there are some methods that are useful in making the trip a success. By redefining how you look at the process of creativity, and how you approach your subject, you can work towards crystallizing your personal vision. This article presents some practical tips to get you jump-started in the process.

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Photographing From Your Canoe

Canoe parked on a gravel bar, Mile 120 opposite the Tie Chute Bluff on the Buffalo River, Buffalo National River, Arkansas

A canoe can be a great tool to "sneak" up on wildlife, capture images from just off the water's surface, or begin a grand photo adventure. During my time and Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota and the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, my canoe was integral to my photography. This article focuses on some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of this unique tool. You'll learn to keep both yourself and your equipment safe, while you explore the new creative options possible.

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