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April 2010

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Photo Location: South of the Border

USA, South Carolina.  A sign for the popular, Mexican themed, tourist destination, South of the Border.

South of the Border is a classic icon of American kitsch. The amazing color and subject matter make this fertile ground for any photographer. During a recent trip this spring, this tourist trap along the side of Interstate 95, in South Carolina, made for a rewarding shoot.

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Photographing in the Dark

USA, Adirondacks.  Star trails seen during a clear night in the Adirondacks.

As nature photographers, we often don't think of venturing outside after the sun has set. While ordinarily this is true, there are some exciting images that can be made without the sun's light. This article explores some techniques like painting with light, and shooting star trails that can open up a whole new world of photogenic subjects. From my beginnings photographing low-light scenes in the world's longest cave, to applying these techniques to night images, several techniques for successfully capturing images in the dark are explored.

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Digital Photo Archiving

Arm of the Hulk

With some of the recent advances in digital technology, it is easier and more affordable than ever to keep your images safe. By protecting yourself from hard drive failure with a simple method of automatic backup, you can make certain that your best images are around for years to come. This article explores some of these new technologies, and how they can be applied to your daily work-flow.

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