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December 2010

If you enjoy the articles in this newsletter, please take a minute to thank all the contributors. Without their tireless work, this would not be possible. Their website and or e-mail is listed along with their writing.

Creating a Digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio can be a helpful thing to have as a photographer on the go. I keep a collection of images on my iPhone, and always have something to show an interested person. This article discusses setting up a digital portfolio on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, using an Apple computer. By separating images into albums, and loading these onto your device, you'll be able to show off your best work whether during a planned meeting, or a chance encounter.

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Using Creative Blur to Abstract Images

Fall foliage along a roadside overlook, Southern Vermont, USA

This article discusses the creative use of lens blur to abstract natural landscapes. Normally I'd always advise photographers to keep their camera steady on a tripod, but occasionally it can be fun to play with manipulating the image by moving the camera during the exposure.

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On Location: 4 Corners Region

Hovenweep Castle, Hovenweep National Monument, Utah, USA

The 4 corners region (where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah meet) is an area full of great photographic opportunities. This article explore three of the lesser-known parks, Hovenweep National Monument, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, and Bandelier National Monument. These beautiful parks are all linked together by their common attachment to Native American history.

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